" Catch My Lash " August 27, 2016

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The 3rd " Catch My lash" took place August 27, 2016 at the ever popular Brooklyn Exposure in Brooklyn,  NY. Our panelist included Angela Perymon QVC Model, and B Pretty Lashes Ambassador. Wendy Issac founder of Le Coffeir, Tia Jackson owner of Johntines boutique, Chef Danielle Chef Moore,  and Crystal Carmen of Pink Stilletos Cosmetics.  With Vendors TLD and MLB Haute Couture. With media Coverage by media/ Pr Ese Ofurhie.

       As the event got on its way with each panelist introducing themselves and giving an overview of their business. The audience then began to ask the panelist how they got started in their field which all panelist gave their step by step guide to how they began in their business. As the conversation was well on its way between the panelist and the audience , we begin to get down to the core of why their isn't enough support amongst minorities in the beauty industry.   

     As this concern was brought up legend in the fashion world and Editor in chief of Fashion Avenue News Sofia Davis stood and explained her take on this matter. The conversation and concern grew more and more  passion with questions being answered with solutions and ways to decrease this problem. We then invited Sofia Davis to be an impromptu panelist because her knowledge, experience and expertise was greatly needed in this Conversation taking place.  

       Three hours later and the convo was wrapping up, neither the panelist or audience wanted it to end because we all felt that this was a much needed conversation that needed to take place and long overdue.  

We touched on topics such as:

- How to get started in the Beauty industry?

- How to get started in the Fashion industry? 

- Why is it so difficult as a minority, to break into the business? 

- How and why we need to stick to get her as minorities to make a bigger impact?


Closing out guest took an Abundance of pictures with panelist and patronized vendors. While asking when will the next           " Catch My Lash " take place so we can continue the conversation. The next "Catch My Lash " in NYC will be May 6th so please save the date to continue this much need conversation so we can take the beauty industry by storm. 




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