Why It's Important for every Natural to have a DIY 5 minute Updo

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          Yes yes, I know it sounds so foreign a DIY Quick Natural Updo. I know it seems like none of those words should go together, but they all can. 

           As a naturalista and Natural Hair Stylist this is always one of the huge concerns for my clients, am I able to do a quick hairstyle with my natural hair? The Answer is Absolutely Yes you can , of course in this scenario practice does make perfect but with persistence and drive you will be mastering this quick 5 minute natural Updo in no time.  

       To achieve this 5 minute Updo hair must be thoroughly dry and combined out for best result. Please be sure to check out this quick DIY natural Updo. 

We will be posting more and soon please feel free to comment on our youtube page. 


Watch Now: 

Be Sure to Check out my latest Tutorial on the Quick DIY 5 Min Updo https://youtu.be/ogHCLEKykfY 



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